This babe though! Want to wear faux dreads in a way that fits your fashion and style? Check out the information below.

Merino Wool

Merino wool is a lightweight and breathable natural product that is perfect for hair additions. Each set of woollies are custom made to your specified colors, thickness, and length. Dreads are made double ended and they taper on both ends.


Shannon’s dreads are semi-permanently attached to your own natural hair without the use of glue, resin, or wax. The dreadlock is folded in half and your hair is attached using a cable stitch or another type of braid.


Your woollies deserve the best of care just as your natural hair does. So it is recommended that you wash your woollies and hair–following careful instructions so as not to damage the woollies or your natural hair.

There are alternatives to merino wool that can be used to create your custom dreadlocks. Kanekalon is a synthetic material that creates a shinier dreadlock and will stay in a twisted style. It is used to create the steam punk look and comes in approximately 70 different colors. Human hair dreadlocks can be created in many different natural color looks. Human hair dreadlock extensions dry much faster than wool and are lighter weight. Your lifestyle will dictate which material is best for you.