What about at-home appointments with your stylist?

Depending on the state you live in, stylists could go to your home to color and cut your hair, assuming they have the tools and products they need and you have the space and are willing to put up with a potential mess. (In fact, the stylists to the stars in Hollywood have been delivering their services this way for decades.)

In Virginia, “mobile” stylists are allowed as long as the stylist doesn’t make this a regular or permanent business, according to Stephen Kirschner, director of the state’s Board for Barbers and Cosmetology.  

“A lot of states don’t allow services outside the salon environment because it’s not inspectable so there’s no way to account for whether it’s safe,” says Steve Sleeper, executive director of the Scottsdale-based Professional Beauty Association, the leading trade association for the industry. “It’s not clear whether (states) will be enforcing those rules, especially now that (stylists) are trying to scrape together some revenue before it gets back to normal.”

Curlicue’s owner, Shannon Hensley, advocates stylists rescheduling clients until such time that the Center for Disease Control (CDC) makes an official announcement about it being safe to eliminate social distance guidelines. “Asking your stylist to come to your home to do your hair or nails is putting your stylist, and yourself, in danger. I suggest showing your stylist some love by not asking her/him to compromise their health.” The personal care industry is a thriving industry with new, young stylist coming up through the ranks. “This global pandemic and ensuing national economic crisis holds valuable lessons for all stylists, new and seasoned. Many salons and stylist are suffering severe economic hardship but doing a couple house calls won’t put a dent in the lost income. Stylists will fare better in the long run by not engaging in a risky work ethic. As long as everyone’s alive, we can all rebuild our businesses.”

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